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AMA Global Group specializes in advanced investment intelligence designed to rapidly increase financial growth, success and wealth. The design and purpose is simple - create a low risk - high yield scalable solution that can be replicated over and over again. Contact AMA Global Group today and schedule a consultation.


Great people and great minds mixed with great technology make for a GREAT company! AMA specializes in advanced distressed property investment solutions for small and large investors!

Since the housing market crash, real property investment has become an unpredictable, high risk roulette game. Titles remain clouded as a result of unlawful foreclosures and property value remains low and declining despite misinformation the market is recovering. Today's real estate investor can't afford to purchase properties at market value only to eventually lose equity as the U.S. dollar continues to suffer. AMA creates low to no risk distressed real property acquisition solutions that have immediate cash flow and exponential windfall advantages!

AMA Experts Litigation & Trial Support Division

It's simple, AMA Experts create case and trial strategies that result in successful closure!

AMA Global Group Advanced Intelligence

Critical data acquisition, filtering and analysis equals sound consulting and results!

AMA Support Project Management

Dedicated project managers and customer support staff for each client matter!

AMAINARS Seminars & Webinars

AMA offers the most advanced Seminars and Webinars dedicated to distressed property investments and foreclosure defense strategies and tactics!

AMA Presents New Market Opportunities

AMA offers turnkey wealth and success business models to consumers and Attorney's across the United States.

AMA Management Group Advanced Management Services

The AMA Division dedicated to asset intelligence, acquisition and maintenance.